Truly captivating
driving experience.

Akrapovič BMW M4 Competition

Pinnacle of performance.

The Akrapovič BMW M4 is an exhilarating combination of automotive engineering prowess and high-performance exhaust technology. As one of the leading manufacturers of premium exhaust systems, Akrapovič has established a reputation for delivering exceptional sound, power, and aesthetics. When paired with the BMW M4, it creates a truly captivating driving experience.

The wing from Akrapovič strikes a perfect balance between strength and weight reduction. This allows for improved weight distribution and reduced drag, resulting in enhanced stability and better handling at high speeds. The wing’s lightweight construction also ensures durability, with the ability to withstand the demands of intense driving conditions.

Watch the two films featuring the Akrapovič premium exhaust and rear wing.




Akrapovič Kreativa

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Behind the scenes

Additional information

Akrapovič is renowned for producing premium exhaust systems that enhance the performance and sound of vehicles like the BMW M4. Their meticulously crafted exhaust systems are made from lightweight materials, improving power output and reducing backpressure.
Additionally, Akrapovič offers wings that optimize aerodynamics, providing increased stability, handling, and a visually striking presence on high-performance cars.



: Daniel Michaelis


Rene Eckert

Director of Photography:

Daniel Michaelis

1st AC:

Max Habel

Super67 Camera Car:

Salvatore Chiavetta

Camera Car:

Andrej Rakar

Production Assist:

Pascal Schirra


Boris Merkfeld


Maike Kusserow


Robin Harff, Floyd Fürstenau

Exhaust & Vehicle Sounds:

Gregor Zemljic

Shooting Location:

Germany, Lausitzring


Grading: Nikolay Smirnov


Daniel Michaelis

Agency Producer:

Andrej Ravnikar

Production Company:


Post Production Company:


Service Production: